Life of mine.

There were times that I asked Lord, what are your plans for me? What am I gonna do with my life. I keep on asking Him until now. What is/are my purpose in this life of mine? Disgusting that I am always asking what are my real purpose but didn’t ask for His help and guidance to find what am I looking for.

So many shattered dreams, wasted time , tears fell down my face every time thinking about it. They may see me smiling, laughing and enjoying everything that comes my way. I tell you, I had the best family ever. I had the best parents, siblings, and of course cousins. i love them all. I have my friends that never touched my ego.  They made me feel that I belong, ALL THE TIME. I have the best around me, but why I feel so empty every now and then?

But at the end of the day, I thank my Lord for giving me hope, strength and everything. I didn’t blame Him of what I have become. NEVER IN MY LIFE. I am also thankful that I have JESUS in my life because if He’s not here, I have nothing. I AM NOTHING.

I hope sharing a little of my life would help me get over all of this. I know that in His perfect time everything would get better. Sooner or later.


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